Emerald Isle Says No To Rezoning For RV Park

A town hall meeting in Emerald Isle ends in victory for some residents, at least for now.

Emerald Isle has decided to hold off on plans to rezone a part of their community to make way for 127 recreational vehicles.

The RV park would be built in the area of the Island Harbor Marina subdivision and residents there have been expressing their opposition.

Maritime Siblings LLC wanted to put the park along waterfront property the company owns.

Currently, 41 mobile homes sit on that property, and residents say many people live there year-round.

Jim Skinner says, "They are part of the community. They don't just come and go. With homes, they come and go."

Skinner, who organized a grass-roots movement and got over 400 signatures against the project, says the plan that Maritime previously brought to the table about 5-years ago was much better, and would allow for shops, condos and other recreational use, not the 127 recreational vehicles being proposed now.

Skinner says, "Why go to a completely different high density group of RV's with a road that's only 20-feet wide, already overcrowded with pedestrian traffic, bicycles, golf carts and of course motor vehicles."

The board took all of those points into consideration, listening to the hundreds who packed in the town hall meeting room.

Mayor Eddie Barber said, "The main thing tonight is that we said no to rezoning and we listened to our citizens."

Now the town is turning things back over to the planning department to bring more recommendations back to the board.

Once that's done, the town can move on with a hearing for special use of the property, which would determine whether the RV's will be allowed.