Election Investigation Dropped In Pitt County Judge Race

Allegations of misconduct, miscalculations, and intimidation in the race for the District Judge 3-A seat in Pitt County have been resolved.

A possible election investigation has been avoided between Brian Desoto and Faris Dixon after Dixon decided he would withdraw his election protest Wednesday afternoon. Dixon lost the race against challenger, Brian Desoto, but on Friday, Dixon filed a complaint with the state and the Pitt County Board of Elections alleging voting irregularities and voter intimidation. The two were scheduled to appear for a hearing Wednesday at the county board of elections until Dixon unexpectedly withdrew his complaint.

"As a prosecutor for over 13 years there are times when you just don't have enough evidence to go forward. Therefore I am withdrawing my election protest and congratulate my opponent." said Dixon.

Dixon says he will turn over the evidence he has to the Justice Department for evaluation and plans continue to serve as an assistant district attorney. Desoto, who is also an assistant attorney, will be sworn in as a judge on January 2nd..