Update: Elderly Driver's Car Hits Greenville Hooters

The latest crash in Greenville involving an elderly driver and a building is prompting talk about whether older drivers need to take a road driver test.

In the last six weeks, three drivers have mistakingly crashed their vehicles into local businesses in Greenville.

The most recent accident happened at Hooters Monday afternoon when police say a 94-year-old woman crashed her car into the porch area after witnesses say she pulled into the restaurant parking lot to turn around, pulled out and she was struck by an oncoming SUV. That caused her vehicle to spin around and hit the restaurant.

According to reports, this is the third senior citizen to accidentally crash into a business.

Driver June Thompson told us, "I don't think it's just age related, i think it's a health factor that makes these accidents, either they get confused or if they're diabetic or something else that they might have like a disease or whatever."

A dew weeks ago a 75-year-old woman crashed her car into the Ulta Beauty Salon on Evans Street after police say she accidentally hit the gas pedal while trying to park. A similar situation happened in July when another senior citizen drove her car into the Greenville Mall. Authorities say, she too, was trying to park.

Driver Rosemarie Grinder says, "There is a time I think where you have to hang up your keys, because it's for your own safety."

Eva Hudgin says tells us she did that years ago when her health started to decline. She says staying out of the driver's seat was the safest decision. She says, "If you can't do it right, you don't need to be out there, especially with children and everybody running all around you, it's bad for them."

Both Grinder and Thompson say they're careful drivers. but they share a theory that they believe could prevent future accidents like these.

Grinder says, "I really think they should be tested on the road at this point to see how alert they are."
i think they should have tests at certain age groups as you get older and eye tests too.

currently in north carolina, if you're between the ages of 18-53 your license is good for eight years. if you're 54 or older your license is good for five years. now, in order to renew your driver's license you must pass a sign and vision test and of course pay a fee if your license is expired.


You can add Hooters to the list of Greenville businesses that have been hit by vehicles driven by elderly women this summer.

The crash on Greenville Boulevard happened around 4:30 p.m.

The vehicle struck the restaurant's patio, plowing through the fence and taking out a support post for the awning.

Witnesses say the woman, who is in her 90s, pulled into the restaurant parking lot to turn around. When she pulled out, she was struck by an oncoming SUV.

Her vehicle spun around, and hit the restaurant. A Hooters manager says one man was on the patio, saw the car coming at him and was able to get inside before the crash.

Witnesses say it didn't appear the woman was seriously injured. The restaurant remained open, but the patio was closed.

In July, an elderly woman's car ran into the Greenville Mall, while just two weeks ago another elderly woman ran her car into the Ulta Beauty store on Evans Street.