Edgecombe County Schools Superintendent Explains Closing Friday

Most schools were back to normal Friday following all the wintry weather this week, but not all of them.

School was canceled in Edgecombe county for a third day due to patchy ice, mostly on bridges.

Edgecombe County Superintendent John Farrelly says that he was out on the roads in the county early in the morning and said that icy bridges he encountered made for dangerous road conditions.

Some parents like Tasheeka Spivey said closing Friday was ridiculous and an inconvenience. She says, "You have parents who work who depend on the school systems and the day cares for these kids to be at. Well, their jobs are not canceled so they have to find alternate childcare for their kids that they normally don't have to do that for."

But Farrelly says that his main goal is keeping kids safe even if it means canceling school.

Farrelly says, "When I'm making a decision I'm thinking would I want my son or daughter to be driving to school today, and the answer this morning was no."

With nine days total this school year canceled because of weather, Farrelly says they're going to have to use spring break to make up some of those days.