NC Veterans Affairs Office Opens Hotline

RALEIGH (AP) - The North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs has started a tip hotline to help improve services at the state's medical facilities for veterans.

The move comes after allegations about problems with the federal government's care for veterans.

The hotline will allow veterans and federal employees to confidentially report alleged misconduct at federal veterans' facilities.

The Vet Tip Hotline, 844-NC4-Vets or, will connect the tipster with the state Division of Veteran Affairs executive staff. Tips will be referred to appropriate authorities at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for investigation.

The hotline was set up after the state veterans division received allegations of misconduct at federal medical facilities in North Carolina.


Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned Friday afternoon amid widespread troubles in the VA health care system. Reaction to the announcement was met with mixed reactions by veterans at the VA clinic in Greenville.

"He should've known it. You can't tell me he wasn't getting complaints," said Vietnam veteran White Hurst.

Army veteran Atlas Kelly said, "All you're doing is putting a bandage over a gash. This thing is bigger than him and unfortunately he's the fallen guy. We don't have nearly enough hospitals. I don't think it's one person. I don't think it's the secretary's fault. I think it's more or less the VA as a whole."

Chris Kenney, who told previously told WITN he blames the death of his father on the Va's negligence, said he is disappointed in the secretary's decision. "The fact that a retired four star general says I give up, I quit, my dad would've thought that was a bunch of bs." Kenney says he would have liked to see the secretary investigate the alleged problems in the VA system.