East Carolina Council Backs Boy Scout Decision

The East Carolina Council says it stands with the Boy Scouts of America and its decision to allow gay youth to participate in Scouting, but not allow gay adults to participate as adult volunteers

East Carolina Council Executive Ray Franks says, "We recognize that this process has been difficult for many in our local Scouting family. We respect all opinions and positions. East Carolina Council stands united with the BSA and we sincerely hope that all of the family will put aside their differences in order to focus on the main thing, the young people we serve."

Franks says before taking the vote the Boy Scouts of America embarked on the most extensive research exercise in the 103 year history of the organization. "This has been a broad-based listening exercise involving thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of man-hours. The process has been inclusive, democratic and fair."

Franks says, "Our priority continues to be serving more youth, building character and teaching the values represented in the Scout Oath and Law through a faith based program. The leadership and Executive Board of the East Carolina Council is committed to fulfilling our mission and remaining one of the top Councils in the BSA. We will continue to deliver quality programming that positively changes lives. We understand that we may have some in our family that will be disappointed in the outcome of this vote, but we must concentrate on minimizing disruption while delivering a positive program for the youth we serve."

The BSA Executive Board has previously stated that, following the vote, they will immediately take the appropriate action and this policy change will be effective on January 1, 2014.