East Carolina Boy Scout Council Unsure On Whether Gay Ban Will Be Lifted

Next week the Boy Scouts of America could potentially make history by leaving the decision up to the Scout units to decide for themselves if there should be gay members and leaders.

Currently the Boy Scouts have a policy of excluding gays as leaders and youth members.

We spoke with the East Carolina Council, which oversees 280 Scouting units in Eastern Carolina about the potential move. Scout executive Ray Franks, who has 37 years experience in the Scouts, says even he's not sure how the local units would react given the choice. Franks says, "I really don't know -- it's a good question because I do not have a feel for that myself. I think that society's changing and so I really don't know what the reception's going to be."

Of the 280 scouting units here in the east, Franks says that 90% are owned by churches.