ENC Sweating It Out

With temperatures continuing into the 90's and heat index values well into the 100's, people all over the east are doing what they can to beat the heat.

Preston Everett of Greenville was out cleaning his car in the hot weather Wednesday. He said, "It's too hot! I actually contemplated to go back in the house or come out."

Brianna Steele told us she couldn't stay outside too long. Neither could her dog. Steele says, "She doesn't like it. She can only last like ten minutes and then she wants to lay down."

Runner Rob Sherron says he decided to get in an early run Wednesday afternoon before the temps got too high. But even then, he says the steamy conditions made his run a little uncomfortable. Sherron says, "It's very hot. It definitely shortened the time that we've been able to be out here and run."

In weather like this health experts remind you to limit your time and activity outside and to drink plenty of water.