ENC Student Accepted To Harvard; First Ever From Pamlico County High

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A high school senior in the east is the first ever to be accepted to Harvard University from Pamlico County High School. It's s big deal for the small town of Bayboro. 35,000 students apply every year and only 2,000 are accepted.

Emma Wheeler says she learned a lot just by visitng Harvard in Massauchusetts right after the Boston Marathon bombings.

"Visitas, the event we were supposed to be there for, got canceled because of everything that happened in Boston the weekend that we were there with the terrorists and everything so it was kind of a difficult weekend to be there, but it was really cool because we got to see the incredible sense of community on campus," said Wheeler.

Even as the valedictorian with a 5.26 GPA, Emma wasn't sure she would be accepted at Harvard and almost chose another school. She plans on going to law school and would like to be a supreme court judge one day.