ENC Shops Running Low On Ammunition, Guns In High Demand

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Ammunition has been flying off the shelves around the country, and here in the east, due to the push for tougher gun laws.

Ammunition and assault style rifles are hard to come by these days according to owner Bill Plumlee of Pro Gun And Outdoor Sports in Bayboro in Pamlico County. He says manufacturers have raised their prices more than five dollars a box due to the high demand.
Ammo for an assault type rifle has gone up from 24 cents a shot to one dollar a shot.

"Most people understand. I haven't gotten any negative reaction, other than, instead of buying two boxes- I'll buy one because I don't' want to spend that much money right now," said Plumlee.

The price for certain guns like the AR 15 and AK 47 both more than doubled from 800 dollars to nearly 19-hundred dollars according to Plumlee.