ENC Residents Sign Up For Health Care

People in Eastern Carolina and across the country started signing up for health care coverage Tuesday under the Affordable Care Act.

Seventeen percent of people living in our state do not have health insurance. Barbara Hester of Greenville is one of them.

Tuesday Hester signed up for coverage saying, "When I went into private practice I had Cobra for 18 months, then I couldn't afford it anymore, so I've been without actual health insurance for years."

Hester says she was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago and says with asthma and arthritis, she couldn't get health insurance.

She says just one of her medications costs close to $300 a month, so she was eager to sign up for coverage.

Sharon Evans is the director at the NC-Enroll Center on Greenville Boulevard where residents can sit face to with licensed agents , affiliated with Blue Cross/Blue Shield to sign up for reduced premiums.

Evans says, "People who make a minimum of $11,000 as an individual and up to $45,000 will qualify. Families could make up to $94 thousand --so you know and I know there are a lot of people who qualify for the program."

That includes Hester. She purchased full coverage insurance for $288.00 a month, less than the cost of one of her medications.