ENC Residents Keep A Watchful Eye As Chantal Weakens

Chantal may be weakening but local residents are still keeping a watchful eye.

Carol Radford lives in the Woodrow neighborhood of New Bern. She's seen her fair share of storms slam through this area, especially as a kid when she lived just up the street. Radford says, "In the 50's the home I was raised in flooded three times in just a matter of two months, and so I'm very aware of what can happen when tropical storms and hurricanes come."

As news of Tropical Storm Chantal formed, she started keeping a close eye on the weather. She says, "Naturally when they come I start paying attention to the news and watching it a couple three times a day."

National Weather Service Meteorologist John Cole says, "It doesn't look like much from Chantal at this point, but again, it's pretty far out, there is uncertainty in the tracks, so we should monitor the progress of Chantal."

Restaurant manager Trey McGovern is also watching Chantal's progress, especially after Hurricane Irene flooded the Stingray Café in New Bern. He says, "We always focus on the weather, try to be mindful of different storms brewing in the Gulf and potentially heading our way. We've dealt with storms the whole length of our business being here. It just seems like every other year there is a storm. We definitely are very mindful of it and try to prepare the best that you can."

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