ENC Reacts To Starbucks No Gun Request

Starbucks says it doesn't want its caffeinated customers to carry firearms into its stores.

The Seattle-based company will run full-page ads in major newspapers Thursday, telling customers that guns are no longer welcome in its cafes.

But Starbucks is stopping short of an outright ban.

Customers in Eastern Carolina that we talked with in Greenville had a variety of reactions.

Alejandro Loera said, "I feel like people should be able to go where they want to go with a gun if they'd like to."

Jose Maleonado says he isn't opposed to the decision, but feels it will stir controversy. He says, "This will definitely make a lot of people angry, but at the same time there will be a lot of people who like the idea."

While Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz said the company would prefer people don't bring guns inside, customers will not be asked to leave if they do.

The request only pertains to individuals with carry permits, not law enforcement.