ENC Mental Health Professionals Counseling Navy Yard Shooting Victims

Health professionals from eastern carolina are in Washington D.C. volunteering to help people affected by the naval yard shooting tragedy that claimed 12 lives September 16th.

Patricia King from Snow Hill and Celeste Crawford from Greenville along with Charlene Irvin of Southport in Brunswick County will provide outreach and support to first responders and military at the base, and possibly those who escaped the building where the shootings took place.

We talked with the two women from Pit and Greene counties about the challenges of such work and post traumatic stress disorder.

"The symptoms don't actually start until about 14 days pass. So during this period of time, what you're trying to do is keep that from developing. During this time we just try to work with them and keep them from going into that place," said King.

"Everyone experiences trauma differently. Sometimes people don't initially have symptoms, and they check out. They're just so overwhelmed it takes a while for things to become real. So you take good care of their physical well being- eating, sleeping,things like that," said Crawford.

The 3 volunteers will be in Washington helping out until Sunday.