ENC Fishermen Blame Superstorm Sandy For Recent Oyster Price Spike

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The price of oysters is climbing and some eastern carolina fisherman are blaming it on Hurricane Sandy for the most recent spike.

In the past year, the price per bushel of oysters in our area jumped about $10. Fisherman say the price has steadily risen over the past 5-10 years, and feel like the most recent hike is thanks to Hurricane Sandy roughing up waters and causing an oyster shortage. The price for a bushel, which is about 50 to 60 pounds, is anywhere from $ $30-35 dollars near the coast off the boats and $40-45 for retail customers, LT Everett and Sons fish house in Sneads Ferry in Onslow County says that amount increases as you go further inland. Rick Batchelor who buys oysters every year says he doesn't think too much about the price increase.

"You know it is what it is. Oysters are very good and they are worth 50 or 55 dollars a bushel to me. You know once or twice a year we buy them," said Batchelor

Local commercial fisherman say they don't think the prices will drop anytime soon, and it is affecting the entire state. So you could see an increase at restaurants as well.