ENC Fallen Heroes Honored In Greenville, Jacksonville Ceremonies

The Greenville Town Common was packed with about 100 people Monday in red, white, and blue and military uniforms honoring those who died so we can be free. Some say, this day holds a meaning that should be honored every day.

Since rifles could not be used , the three cannon salute was an honorable stand-in for the 21 gun salute to remember those who died in war. Some came to honor those they've never met. Others came to pay their respects to friends and family killed in battle.

Hundreds gathered in the patriotic city of Jacksonville to pay their respect to our fallen heroes.

A bell was rang dozens of times Monday, each ring symbolizing a life lost in combat. Veterans, families, and neighbors gathered in Jacksonville at the state veterans cemetery. Camp Lejeune's Junior ROTC group presented colors and with hands over their hearts or at their brow. As the key note speaker put it- the day should not be solemn all day because hose who died fighting for freedom would want us celebrate.

"If they were to hear a child say today Memorial Day is great because it means school is out, summer's starting, and the pools are open, I believe those service members would smile with full approval," said Brigadier General Burke Whitman.

As the service concluded, families and visitors took a tour through the cemetery- each headstone marked with a small American flag.