ENC Congressmen React To President Obama's Fiscal Cliff Plan

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We spoke to both congressmen representing our area Friday about their thoughts on President Obama's tax hike proposal for the wealthy.

Democrat U.S. Representative G.K. Butterfield said he hopes the democrats in the senate will restore the middle class tax cut. He and republican U.S. Representative Walter Jones say they plan to work together to steer the country away from potential economic disaster by finding some kind of compromise between both parties.

"The American people spoke very loudly in this election. They have accepted a divided congress, and that tells me that what the American people want is a spirit of compromise. They want some of the democrat ideas and some of the republican ideas, and that's why we are willing to have that conversation." said G.K. Butterfield,
(D-NC) U.S. Representative.

"I think everything has to be on the table. I do not think you can fix the complex issues facing our country unless you put everything on the table," said Walter Jones, (R-NC) U.S. Representative
Butterfield and Jones say they are optimistic a compromise will be reached before Christmas.