EF-2 Tornado Causes Damage In Chicod

In Pitt County based Chicod, several homes were also damaged from an EF-2 tornado that touched down Friday night.

A mobile home on Blackjack Simpson Road was picked up off its foundation and tossed onto its side while a pick-up truck was thrown onto its roof.

Saturday morning, dozens of people were digging through the rubble trying to salvage clothes and items lost in the debris.

The National Weather Service believes the initial line of tornadoes began on Blackjack Simpson Road area, about a hundred feet from the home.

The homeowners say they moved in about a year ago with their seven month old baby and left about ten minutes before the tornado struck.

"That was my biggest thing I just grabbed my daughter and I hugged her," said Angel Worthington, "I'm glad I left when I did, they'd be digging for more than our things, they'd be digging for us more than likely."