ECU's Police Chief Retiring

Thursday is the last day on the job for ECU's Police Chief who is retiring.

Chief Scott Shelton says he's excited for retirement.

Chief Shelton has experienced some high profile and memorable cases during his five-years at ECU, including the streaker running across the field at Dowdy Ficklen Stadium in November of 2011 and the ECU campus lockdown weeks later in what just turned out to be a student with an umbrella, not a gun.

Shelton says, "I've put my heart and soul into this job. I love this job I'm in in law enforcement. So, I think everything has culminated and I think at this point in my career, it's time to get out."

Shelton says he'll move back to his home state of Missouri where he can be close to his family.

Chief Shelton says ECU has not hired another police chief yet. The assistant police chief position is also vacant.