ECU Student Body President Quits, Says No Longer Has "Passion Or Heart" For Job

ECU's Student Government Association president has resigned, saying he no longer has the "passion or heart" for the job.

Justin Davis' resignation comes as students return to classes today for the spring semester. "I simply do not have the passion or drive to continue serving as the foremost advocate for a student body of such magnitude. I believe continuing to serve in this role would be a disservice to both the students and myself," he said in his resignation letter.

Davis, a political science major from Rocky Mount, was elected SGA president eight months ago. Last September the student adviser to the group asked him to stop signing official emails with "God Bless". Davis refused, saying it was an attempt to suppress his religious freedom. His resignation letter included that phrase.

Davis says he plans to spend more time being involved with Christian ministries. "With my resignation, I hope to commit more time to serving these ministries and impacting lives therein," said Davis.

Vice President Matt Paske will take over as head of the SGA.