ECU Student Body President Reacts To State Board Of Elections Decision

The North Carolina Board of Elections says a student at Elizabeth City State University can run for city council.

The board voted unanimously Tuesday to allow Montravias King to run for the seat representing the campus.

Pasquotank County Republican Party Chairman Pete Gilbert had challenged King's residency. King has been registered to vote in the county since enrolling in college in 2009.

We talked with ECU'S student body president Tim Schwan for his reaction on the decision.

Schwan says, "I applaud his efforts, I think that it's amazing and I think it really sets the standard for other students that we can do this. This is a possibility that we can get our voices heard out there and we can run for these positions."

Schwan says students do contribute to the college students where they live and their voices should be heard.

Others feel differently. Ecu senior Richard Van Valkenburg understands why people who have lived in Elizabeth City all their lives might be opposed. He says, "Somebody who's lived there for say 20-30 years is going, wait a minute, he's going to make these decisions and change the way I want to live, and then just leave right away. I could see where they may be a little aggravated, I might be too."

King says he plans to stay in Elizabeth City after graduation.