ECU Greek Groups Start 1st Round Of University Area Cleanup Saturday

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Take pride in the grid- that's the motto for ECU students as they start cleaning up the university neighborhood Saturday. The University Neighborhood Association announced at a Greenville town hall meeting last month it organized the event, which will have close to 100 students combined from two fraternities doing a walk-through of the neighborhood, cleaning up trash, and doing other projects. One of those fraternities is Pi Kappa Alpha. Its community service chair spoke with us this afternoon.

"After we're finished with this event, you will be able to walk through the grid and you will be able to notice a difference. That's what we want to do. We want to make a difference, and we want to make the students realize that, and we want to make the city of Greenville realize that," said Jesse Breaux with Pi Kappa Alpha

Breaux says students will meet at the city market food store on Jarvis Street at 9:45a.m. Friday morning. The greek organizations will take turns cleaning up each month.