ECU Gets Approval To Design 2 New Student Centers

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With more and more students attending East Carolina University each year, the campus could be making some significant upgrades.

The Board of Trustees gave administrators permission on Friday to move forward with designing two new student centers, one for main campus and one for the health sciences campus. ECU's current student center, Mendenhall, opened in 1974. Students like Paula McMaster say it's outdated, and they hope for something newer and bigger.

"That's really awesome. I'm really excited about it. That'll be fun to experience, see the new stuff show up, and all of the modern, fun activities we'll have," said ECU Freshman Paula McMaster

The board of trustees is scheduled to hear an update on programming and funding for the student centers this fall. Construction could begin as early as fall of 2014. Plans are for student fees will pay for the $162 million project.