Duplin County Farmer: "Praying For Rain To Stop"

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Some farmers in the east say after 3-4 years of needing rain desperately at times, now they have too much of it and it could damage their crops.

Fields in Duplin County were soaked Tuesday, some with standing water, and the rain just kept coming. We spoke with a corn, soybean and wheat farmer who says typically this time of year they are praying for rain, but this season, they're praying for it to stop.

"I think we're in big trouble probably all the way through the season. Soy beans, its getting so late in the year now. I don't know whether they are worth planting or anything, especially if it goes on like this for another week or so." said Farmer Dennis Mote.

He says it was hard to get his corn planted, and his wheat is saturated. He's now hoping things will get better as the season continues.