DuPont Celebrates 60 Years In Kinston

Longtime employer in the east, DuPont, celebrated 60 years in business Tuesday.

Dupont CEO's and other high ranking members of the company visited the Kinston plant on its anniversary. Company officials praised the safety record of plant workers and recognized their abilities to change tactics and product development in order to keep the plant running through changing economic times.

The plant manufactures a polymer known as Sorona. The popular carpet and clothing fiber is doing so well on the market that company leaders say it could lead to more jobs at the plant in the future.

"As this demand continues to grow we're going to sit down and take a hard look at the next few years and what are needs are going to be. No specific announcement today on any definitive plans, but everything I see from where I'm sitting looking forward is a very strong market environment." said DuPont President James C. Collins, Jr.

The plant which employed nearly 4,000 people at it's peak now has only 80 employees.