Charlotte Delivery Driver Gets 4 Months In Jail For Boys' Deaths

Dirk Brown

A delivery truck driver has been sentenced to four months in jail for running over and killing two young boys in Charlotte.

Investigators say 5-year-old Kadrien Pendergrass was pushing his 1-year-old brother Jeremy Brewton in a stroller when they were struck in February 2012. The boys' father was walking beside them, pushing an infant in a stroller.

Authorities say the four were walking on the road's pavement to a nearby daycare center.

A lawyer for Dirk Brown said he was being careful, but the boys were in a spot he couldn't see. The attorney says the boys shouldn't have been in the road. There were no sidewalks in the area.

Prosecutors say that Brown had a responsibility to be careful and a duty to avoid hitting pedestrians.