Downtown Beaufort Implements Parking Meters On Front Street

Folks in one town in the east will have to start paying for parking in the historic downtown area.

People who want to park on Front Street in downtown Beaufort will have to pay a dollar an hour to do so. The new policy will be enforced during the tourist season, from Memorial Day until October 1.

Drivers who park at marked spaces and the waterfront parking lots on Front Street will have to pull out some coins or their credit cards to pay at one of 12 new kiosks. There will be no time limit and additional payments can be made remotely by smart phone.

According to the town of Beaufort, prime parking spots are taken up by downtown employees, leaving visitors without enough convenient parking.

While some business owners are welcoming the change, others are furious saying the new policy will push away the tourists they rely on.

People who use the National Park's new ferry service to Shackleford and Cape Lookout will not have to pay for parking. All streets besides Front Street will continue to be free.

All proceeds after expenses will be funneled into the downtown area.