Dogs To Graduate from Craven Correctional's New Leash On Life Program

A local prison will be graduating another class of dogs it trained to be adopted by the community Wednesday.

Craven Correctional Institution in Vanceboro is hosting its 10th annual New Leash On Life program.

The program allows state prisons to team up with local animal welfare agencies and shelters to train dogs in preparation for their adoption. Selected dogs are placed with inmate trainers for six to eight weeks.

Inmates are given the opportunity to give back by teaching the canines basic commands, such as sit and stay and other skills, including potty training.

The program benefits both dogs and inmates by preparing the dogs for a possible new home and providing life skills to inmates they can use when released.

Once the program is complete, a graduation ceremony is held for the trained dogs while a new set is assigned to start training.

The public can get a firsthand look at this year's graduating class of dogs available for adoption 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Craven Correctional Institution in Vanceboro.