Does Greenville Have Enough Salt For The Wintry Weather?

It's a question many want to know in Greenville, especially after the last bout with snow and ice. Is there enough road salt to deal with the potential storm?

Greenville Public Works has about 130 tons of salt ready to make brine. This is up from the 10 tons they had during the January 29th storm.

The Pitt County DOT has 200 tons of salt, down from 600 they normally have on hand. But with the recent back to back storms, they are now waiting from more salt to come in.

Greenville Public Works Director Kevin Mulligan says they are focused on access roads to the hospital and the university now until there's snow on the ground. He says, "We start plowing when there is an inch and a half, 2 inches of snow, something to plow so as soon as we start hitting two inches of snow, we'll be out there plowing and continuous plowing with salt and sand."

We're told the state has spent 30-million dollars for snow materials and labor this year.