Doctor: Ragweed, Mold Biggest Fall Allergens In ENC

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Sunday is the first official day of fall, but already, many are starting to feel the effects of fall allergies.

Greenville allergy specialist Dr. Sherif Taha says fall allergies actually started in August. He says the most common allergen people suffer from in eastern carolina is ragweed and the second most common is mold, which occurs once the leaves fall.

Dr. Taha says August through October, nationwide, are also the worst months for asthma flare ups.

Symptoms of allergies are a runny, stuffy, nose, sneezing, and itchy, watery eyes.

"The most common allergies that we see are number one: ragweed. It's a big, big allergen in eastern North Carolina. We have the giant and short ragweed. Their pollen spreads everywhere in the area, and people who are allergic to that start to suffer in mid-August. The season continues into September and October and ends by the first frost," said Dr. Taha.

Dr. Taha says it's important for patients to make sure their symptoms are those of allergies and not a head cold before they buy over the counter medicines. While some allergy symptoms can overlap with cold symptoms, here's how you can tell the difference. Dr. Taha says, colds often have fever for a few days and sore throats.