Division Of Water Quality Investigating Hog Waste Spill In Greene County

Waterways that were once clear and blue turned orange and pink. And experts say the cause is hog waste.

That's what Larry Baldwin with the Waterkeeper Alliance is saying about the tributaries off of Sand Pit Road in Greene County.

He and others say hog waste from a nearby farm leaked into the water.

The smell, and color of the water changed drastically. While Baldwin says it shouldn't have an impact on drinking water for homes nearby because most use city water, he believes the impacts on the environment are significant. Baldwin says, "You're not likely to find any living organisms in this water. It's that contaminated."

No one from the farm was available to speak with us.

The Division of Water Quality is investigating the cause.

It's unclear how much waste spilled into the water, which leads to the Contentnea Creek, and eventually the Neuse River.