Disabled Kinston Veteran Competes In Valor Games

A disabled Veteran from Kinston is sharing his story of success and hoping to inspire others along the way.

Former Army Sergeant Jason Posey competed in the Southeastern Valor Games held in Durham recently.

He took home three silver medals and a bronze in sports like archery, rowing, and cycling.

The Valor Games are a paralympic style competition for disabled Veterans and wounded active duty service members.

Posey is a former Army Sergeant who suffered a neck fracture while serving in Iraq.

He's now on permanent disability and says the loss of his career in the Army left him searching for a purpose in life.

He hopes other disabled Veterans know know how rewarding and life changing the experience is. He says, "Get out and try things in life. Not just sit at the house and you know feel sorry for yourself like I did for a while, and do something for you. You got your family and we all understand that, but to do something for you. It is amazing what you get back out of it."

Posey says he plans to compete in the Midwestern Valor Games this summer in Chicago.