Despite Innocence Settlement, SBI Agent Still On The Job

The State Bureau of Investigation agent remains on the job, though a confession he wrote for an illiterate suspect put an innocent man behind bars for 14 years and cost taxpayers nearly $8 million.

The News & Observer reports Sunday ( ) there's no indication that agent Mark Isley's job is in jeopardy. He currently leads the bureau's Medicaid fraud section.

The state agreed to pay Floyd Brown $7.85 million this month to settle a lawsuit over his incarceration in a psychiatric hospital. The 49-year-old man has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old. An elaborate, six-page confession Isley wrote in 1993 was the only evidence linking Brown to a murder victim.

Isley has said he wrote out what Brown said, and Brown signed it.

Brown's lawyers contend Isley made it up.