Fearing Job Cuts, Crowd Expected At Greene County Commissioner Meeting

We'll be watching for a big turnout Monday night at the Greene County Board of Commissioners meeting. County employees who fear they could be laid off said they plan to attend and take part in the public comment period.

Last month, Greene County interim county manager Richard Hicks says the county is facing a $300,000 deficit that is growing. Some county employees told WITN, they're worried they'll lose their jobs as the county tries to make ends meet.

We'll let you know what happens at the Monday night meeting.

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With huge losses in revenue, Greene County is planning to make some major budget cuts and county employees are fearing the worst.

Greene County interim county manager Richard Hicks says they have a $300,000 deficit and it's on pace to get even worse.

On Thursday night county employees packed the county commissioners meeting,

Tina Ward is a health department employee and says with a deficit this high, she doesn't see how it can be resolved. Ward says, "Unless they tax the whole entire county, which everybody's going to be against, or they continue to cut the people who are taking care of the county which is the county employees. Without us, they don't have a job."

The budget will be addressed at the next commissioners meeting and there will be a public comment period.

That meeting will be on Monday, February 4th at 7:00 P.M.