Vigil & Call For Justice In Homicide Of Kinston Baby

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Those mourning the death of an infant in Kinston walked in peace near the location where they say he took his last breath.

Not only was the demonstration an act of remembrance for one-month-old Caden Williams, but one asking for justice now that his death has been ruled a homicide.

Little Caden's family has been wanting to know exactly what happened to him since he died back in February.

An autopsy just released shows the infant had multiple injuries. now they want someone held accountable.

Family and friends, including Caden's mother Tyriana Williams, walked in peace - wearing "Justice for Caden" t-shirts while holding candles in his memory along Airlee Drive.

The autopsy shows the one-month-old was at a home on Airlee Drive when he died in February and relatives say that is where the infant boy's father lives.

The autopsy also showed signs of a violent death - broken ribs, a skull fracture, and liver injury.

The dozens gathered laid stuffed animals and nailed posters to a light post.

They also consoled each other - as they pleaded to whomever is responsible for little Caden's death to come forward.

Tyriana says, "A part of me just wants to know why it happened. Why he hasn't said anything and that's supposed to be your son, he's apart of us. Why would it happen in your care and you won't say anything about it."


The death of a baby from Kinston is now under investigation as a homicide.

Caden Williams was just one month old when he died in February. The Kinston Department of Public Safety says they responded to 105 Hill Street and spoke with Lekeshia Butler about the baby dying. At the time, the cause of the infant's death was undetermined. The autopsy was recently released and shows the death was a homicide.

The baby's obituary lists Butler as the baby's grandmother. The parents are listed as Tyriana Williams and Ricky Clark.

The autopsy prompted investigators to reopen the investigation into the baby's death. Police say the case remains under investigation.