Deadlines For Christmas Packages For Troops Overseas

Marines working at the Camp Lejeune Post Office say it's not too early to start sending off presents if you're sending them to military members overseas.

The lines are long at the Camp Lejeune Post Office as people send holiday care packages to their friends and families overseas.

Marines like Corporal Katherine Solano who have been deployed during the holidays, know how much these letters and presents mean. Solano says, "We are a family, so we're all going through being away from home together, so if some of us didn't have much family to send us packages while we were there, we all shared with each other, we tried to keep spirits up, be festive, and try and enjoy the holidays as much as we could."

If you are planning to send holiday care packages, postal workers say you should do so by December 3rd for standard mail and by December 10th using priority.