NECROPSY: NCSU Black Bear Killed By Car

State officials say a dead bear found on a bench at North Carolina State's campus Tuesday morning was hit by a vehicle, and not shot.

The state Wildlife Resources Commission says they were able to determine that from a preliminary necropsy done on the 200-pound animal.

The black bear was found propped up on a bench on NC State's Brickyard near Bostian Hall. Wildlife Resources spokesman Geoff Cantrell said the adult male bear was in good health when it died.

Wildlife officers continue to investigate who placed the bear on campus. It's not clear what charges they may face.

Pictures of the dead bear circulated quickly on social media.

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Wildlife officers are investigating who killed a black bear and hauled the carcass onto a bench at the heart of the North Carolina State University campus.

N.C. State Police Major David Kelly says the roughly 200-pound bear was found by a groundskeeper early Tuesday on a bench in the Brickyard, an open gathering space in front of the central library.

Kelly says the animal was dead before being it was brought to campus. He would not say what officers think caused the death, referring the question to the state wildlife commission. A spokesman for the wildlife regulator did not return a call seeking comment.

State law restricts black bear hunting to a staggered season that starts as early as mid-October and runs as late as the first of the year.

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Authorities say someone left a dead bear propped up on a bench at NC State's Brickyard this morning.

The bear was found near Bostian Hall. The state Wildlife Resources Commission is now investigating how the bear died.

Authorities say it is believed the bear was killed somewhere else and was brought to the Raleigh campus.

Pictures of the dead bear circulated quickly on social media.

Police covered the dead animal with a yellow tarp before authorities picked it up and removed it around 9:15 a.m.