Man: He's "Clueless" About Why Wife Allegedly Tried To Kill Him

The man who law enforcement says survived two murder attempts by his wife spoke to WITN Monday about the experience.

Tommy Shackleford spoke outside the Pitt County Detention Center where a hearing was scheduled for his wife 27-year-old Sarah Saunders. Authorities say she tried to poison her husband in May and after he got out of the hospital, she stabbed him in the head with a knife at their home in Farmville.

Shackleford says he argued with his wife, but the fights were never physical until the stabbing, and what she tried to do makes no sense to him.

"To me it seems like I'm made out to be the worst person in the deal. You know? It's like everywhere I go everybody is like: 'Well, what did you do to her?' I'm clueless. I don't know," said Shackleford.

Saunders case was continued to October 3rd.

A woman charged with attempting to murder her husband twice had her case delayed in Pitt County Monday.

Sarah Saunders, 27, of Farmville is accused to trying to poison her husband, Tommy Shackelford. She is also accused of stabbing him in the head in May.

Shackelford survived the two murder attempts.

Prior to the two attempts, Saunders was charged with stealing nearly $50,000 in jewelry.

Her court date has been delayed until October 3rd.

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A grand jury has indicted a Pitt County woman for allegedly trying to kill her husband twice.

Sarah Saunders, of Farmville, was indicted Monday on two counts of attempted first degree murder, according to the Daily Reflector.

Deputies say the woman is charged with first trying to poison her husband, Tommy Shackelford, and then stabbing him. Pitt County deputies arrested Saunders in May when they found Shackelford with a knife in his head at the couple's home outside of Farmville.

Prior to the two murder attempts, Saunders was arrested for stealing nearly $50,000 worth of jewelry in an unrelated case.

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A Pitt County woman who was arrested last month for allegedly stealing nearly $50,000 in jewelry is now accused of twice trying to kill her husband.

Pitt County deputies say Sarah Saunders is charged with two counts of attempted murder.

Deputies say the woman is charged with trying to first poison her husband, Tommy Shackelford, Monday night and then stabbing him in the head at their home outside of Farmville.

Saunders was arrested Tuesday and is jailed on a $400,000 bond.

Detectives say they are now investigating whether Saunders tried to poison her husband before Monday night. Last week Shackelford was taken to Pitt County Memorial Hospital and deputies say the woman told hospital staff that her husband was suicidal and he had tried to kill himself. The husband was evaluated and eventually released.