DAY 11: Thai Radar Blip Investigated, New Info On Flight's Path

Thai military officials are now saying their radar showed an unidentified plane flying west of Malaysia, minutes after the transponder signal of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was lost on March 8.

Thai officials say they didn't release the information before because the signal was not heading toward Thailand, so it didn't raise any alarms.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported Tuesday night that Flight 370's U-turn, manually programmed into the plane's computer from the cockpit, was transmitted via the ACARS data system to the ground at 1:07 a.m.

NBC reports that means the turn was premeditated, programmed before ACARS went down and executed only after the last radio call and after the transponders went dead.

Reports indicate it could have been pre-programmed in case of emergency or for some other unknown reason.

The search area is hundreds of thousands of square miles. 239 people were onboard the plane.

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