D-Day Survivor Gives History Class A Real Life Lesson

Students at one Eastern Carolina high school received a real life history lesson, on a very important anniversary.

Seventy years ago today, Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, France to begin the D-Day Invasion against the Nazi's.

Burl Robinson was there, driving a landing craft onto the beach.

This morning the 91-year-old Deep Run resident spoke to a history class at South Lenoir High School about what he experienced.

Robinson was a petty officer third class in the Navy, joining 9 months before D-Day.

The World War II veteran spoke to students in a classroom where he himself once had class.

Robinson told students how scary it was to drive onto the beach, seeing concrete bunkers full of Germans shooting at him while planes were flying overhead, bombing the Allies.

The vet doesn't consider himself lucky, but blessed to have been able to serve in the war and return home to raise a family, when so many of his friends and fellow servicemen died that day.

Robinson says he spoke to today's generation because students need to remember what really happened that day.

After being discharged in 1946, Robinson came back to Lenoir County and raised a family.