Crisis Intervention Training For Greenville Police

Greenville Police have been involved with crisis intervention training all this week so they are better prepared to handle situations that turn volatile.

Police say they never know when a person may act erratic or be mentally unstable.

Havelock Police dealt with the unpredictable Thursday when three officers were shot after responding to a call about gunshots inside a home.

Friday, Greenville Police used what they learning from mental health professional to role play on how to talk to a mentally ill person or someone on a drug trip.

Lt. Carlton Williams with Greenville Police says, "A simple fix oftentimes would to be to put someone in handcuffs, but, through the CIT training, there's more caring and compassion and they take that extra step, that extra time to find out why that person is in crisis and how can we fix this crisis."

About 60 Greenville officers are now CIT certified.