NEW INFO: 75 Year Old Pitt County Man Killed In Freak Tractor Accident

Investigators said a man was killed when his tractor unexpectedly jumped into gear, pinning him underneath the machinery Thursday evening.

Pitt County Emergency Management Director Noel Lee says 75-year-old Thomas Darden died in the accident.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office says the man was working on his property, moving a steel table with his tractor. Darden got off the tractor to adjust a cable that was around the table, when apparently the tractor jumped into gear.

The tractor appears to have knocked the man down, with the rear tire coming to rest on his back.

When deputies arrived at 4664 Highway 264 East, emergency workers were preforming CPR on the man who died at the scene.

A spokeswoman says it is standard practice for deputies to investigate a death under these circumstances.

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Details are few at the moment, but the Pitt County Sheriff's Office says a person was killed after being pinned under a tractor.

The call came in around 6:00 p.m. and crews were dispatched to the scene at 4664 Highway 264 East.

While we're told it was a fatality, we're still working to get details of what exactly happened.

A WITN photographer on the scene said Highway Patrol, The Pitt County Sheriff's Office, Pactolus Fire-Rescue and Staton House Fire were all on the scene.

We're awaiting further updates and will post new information as we get it.