Election Workers Fired After Speaking To WITN

Two Craven County election workers say they were fired today, hours after speaking with WITN News about problems with touch screen voting machines.

Matthew Thomas and Maria Vincent claim they reported straight party voting problems at their early-voting site, but those problems were never addressed. Craven County has seen problems with people trying to vote straight Republican tickets, and instead the machine marked their votes down as Democrat.

The two spoke to WITN this morning in front of the Craven County courthouse on their own time. As for their firing, Thomas says he was told he assisted voters in the voting process, he campaigned with the 50 feet limit, he followed people out to their cars and encouraged them to vote and he stated inaccuracies about the machines to voters. He denies those claims.

Craven County Elections Director Erin Burridge said she couldn't talk about the dismissals, saying they were personnel matters.