Craven County Driver Hits Bear Along Highway 70

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The Thursday morning commute left one Craven County driver shook up after she hit a bear along Highway 70.

Trooper R.J. Onofrio told WITN he was called to Highway 70 West, near the exit for Tuscarora, around 5:30 Thursday morning after woman reported hitting a bear.

Tpr. Onofrio said one woman was driving west bound when a bear ran out in front of her. She hit the bear and stopped as the animal ran off into the woods.

The woman was not hurt, and investigators said her car was damaged to the tune of $1,000.

In a study released by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission this summer, it was estimated the number of black bears alone had quadrupled in eastern North Carolina since 1980, with numbers topping out near 10,000.