Cousin Of New Bern Shooting Suspect Speaks Out About Man's Death

Dre Bryant identifies himself as cousin of suspect.

A man identifying himself as the cousin of the suspect killed in a shootout with New Bern Police, spoke to WITN about his relative.

Dre Bryant says that his cousin, who has not been identified by police yet due to next of kin notification, was riding his bike home and listening to music when he was stopped by police. Bryant says he doesn't understand how the stop turned into an all-out gunfight in which 2 officers were also shot.

Bryant says that he and his cousin had hung out all day on Friday until they both left to go home around 11 p.m.

“I told him I was going home. He told me he was going home. I told him, "Will I see you tomorrow?" It's like one minute he's here, the next minute he's gone,” said Bryant.

About an hour later he heard from a friend that a man was shot by police and that two officers were wounded. Bryant says he came to the scene last night and saw his cousin on the ground.

When asked why his cousin would shoot at police, Bryant said his cousin didn't want to go back to jail.

“He wasn't going back to prison. He had already done a long amount of time. For anybody who's never done time in jail, they can't say what's like in there. He told us he's not going back to jail for nothing, no body,” said Bryant.

Bryant would not elaborate on what his cousin served time for.