Lenoir County Elections Director: Issues Are Without Merit

The Lenoir County Elections Director is answering allegations from her board who want her fired.

Dana King sent a 25 page response to the executive director of the State Board of Elections after the three member board sent a 106 page document asking for her to be terminated for not doing her job.

In her response, King says the issues presented are totally without merit. She also stated she works well with other local officials, and has always had a great working relationship with previous boards in her 16-years in her position, and has never had an unsatisfactory performance review, or any documented complaints.

King accuses the current elections board of not being able to work as a team.

The state direcrtor has 20 days to make a decision.


All three members of a local elections board is asking to state to fire its county elections director for not doing her job.

The Lenoir County Board of Elections last month sent the state elections director a 106 page document asking that Dana King be removed from office. King has been Lenoir County elections director since 1997.

The petition cites numerous reasons why King should be let go, including a lack of communication with board members, problems with voting in Lenoir County, and budget over-runs within the office.

When contacted by WITN, King said she would not comment about the petition to have her fired. She says she has 15 days to present her response to the complaints to the State Board of Elections.

State Elections Director Gary Bartlett says they expect King to file her response by Tuesday and then he has 20 day from then to make a decision.