Could You Have A Claim Against Facebook?

Facebook users might be eligible for a piece of a payout from a class action lawsuit against the social media site.

Several Facebook users received a notice in their email from lawyers claiming that Facebook settled a lawsuit for 20 million dollars. Many people dismissed it as spam, but its the real thing.

The action claims that Facebook unlawfully used the names, profile pictures, photographs and identities of users for advertisement without getting consent.

Beau Dorsey, the owner of a computer repair shop in Jacksonville first thought it was spam until he looked further into the claim. "You can make a claim if you'd like with the law firm, and you might get a chance to collect $10.00. If there are too many people who make a claim then they will donate the 20-million dollars they have settled for to a non profit organization."

Lawyers who are representing Facebook users have asked for 7.5 million-dollars in attorney fees and $282,000 to cover court costs.