Consultants Look To Revitalize Part Of Uptown Greenville

The potential for a completely different look could be coming to an area of one local city.

It's the Dickinson Avenue corridor in Greenville, between Uptown and the future 10th Street connector. Abandoned buildings and a lack of business has the area in need of a revitalization.

A team of consultants is determining what potential the Dickinson Avenue area has for growth and business development. The consultants shared their vision at a planning workshop Tuesday night at City Hall.

Ayers Saint Gross, one of the companies involved in the revitalization project, says having ECU close by is a key selling point. Historical buildings and outdoor space are also looked at as advantages. An unorthodox road pattern is considered a challenge.

One business already planning to build on Dickinson Avenue is Longleaf Brewery. The same architect who designed Mother Earth Brewery in Kinston says he will design the brewery. Construction should be underway sometime this year.

Both area business owners and the consultants say patience is needed for the project. An architect on the consultant team says the entire transformation is expected to take between 5 and 10 years.