Construction Wraps Up As Community College Kicks Off Fall Semester

Things are almost back to normal, nearly a year after a tornado rolled through Carteret Community College. The November 2013 twister did $1.2 million in damage to five campus buildings.

Tuesday kicked off the fall semester. Students hurried to classes on their first day of classes, but some still took time to notice that things look a bit different than last semester.

"It's just nice to see campus in working order. Aesthetically it's nicer," says Ben Stone, a photography student. "It's not all the construction and it doesn't look like as much as a dump."

After the tornado, the college was forced to relocate faculty and classrooms within days. Thanks to hard work from contractors, that trying time is coming to an end.

"We have two classrooms being finished up this week and we'll be able to occupy them next week," says Vice President for Instruction and Student Support Dr. Fran Emory. "Tremendous progress has been made and we're back to normal."

We're told more students will enjoy the fresh look on campus this year. Enrollment at Carteret Community College is up 1%.