Rain Impacts Neuse Boulevard Paving

Department of Transportation officials say that mother nature is to blame for yet another delay of a road resurfacing project.

It was just last Wednesday that crews were able to get to work paving Neuse Boulevard in New Bern after several previous delays.

When the rain started falling Friday morning crews had to suspend operations, and haven't been able to work on the project since.

Crews were milling up the old roadway during the day and then re-paving at night, but dry conditions are required to lay down the new asphalt.

The manager of the project says he's hoping crews can resume working by Wednesday and says he thinks they'll still meet their October deadline to finish the project.


After a couple of setbacks, a heavily-traveled road in one city is under construction. The $1.68 million project has been delayed several times.

Neuse Boulevard runs through New Bern's downtown area. It's been torn up since new water lines were installed last year and is finally getting the makeover it needs.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation says the five-lane road will be repaired on both sides. Drivers have been complaining to the city for years, saying their vehicles continue to suffer damages caused by pot holes and uneven pavement.

Transportation officials say the project began Wednesday with the tearing up of the old road. They say local traffic should be mindful of the construction.

"People just kind of need to be patient, aware of the workers that are out there trying to get this done," says Paul Vorwerk with the DOT. "This will be done during the day and at night also, so we're going to have crews basically working all the time."

Contractors have through October to finish the Neuse Boulevard construction. The DOT doesn't anticipate the project will take more than five weeks, weather permitting.